Design by Hendrik Weber

Since 1996.

Design is everywhere. Always new. Overall.
As a designer, I have been moving on new paths for more than 20 years. During my industrial design studies at Burg Giebichenstein in Halle/S. I received the design lessons based of the Bauhaus teaching. At Les Ateliers in Paris, I discovered other methods and views on how to deal with design. The diploma at judel/vrolijk & Co. in Bremerhaven trained my eye for clear lines and high performance. And as a young designer at the Atelier Papenfuss in Weimar, I understood the potential of a good analysis, the composition in photography and the precision in the design work. In 1996, I founded the Webster Design Atelier in Halle/S. and five years later in Berlin. Successful projects followed 4 years later a move to Dubai – incredible projects, many experiences and deep friendships developed. After my return to Berlin, the field of tasks was again expanded. In addition to graphics, photography and media design, new wonderful tasks in product design emerged. Since 2009, I have also been a founding member and creative director of the Stammzellformation – a musical company of the completely different kind. Moreover, Since 2015, have been a marketing director for the young label Poppy Soul Records, developing corporate designs for musicians and producing music videos.
Listen. Think laterally. Solve problems.
I am always open to new design challenges – your challenges!

Analysis & Conception

To listen. Understand. Define goals. – The project is structured, questioned and classified into its context. Thus, the basic data for the design order are developed from a first inquiry. In addition, the customer has a clear view: not only in terms of design but also in terms of time schedule and money.

Sketching & Fine drawing

Real craft starts with a pencil. First ideas directly from the head over the hand on the paper. Let the creativity run wild. Later, the computer helps as a tool for refining, checking, making variants, and transferring it to other media. All-embracing graphic design – from the logo to the exquisite magazine layout.

CGI & Animation

Whether schematic or life-like. A 3D visualization of products, rooms or processes helps to understand and present the developed. It allows you to easily create variants and change perspectives. Besides, the combination of 3D animations, virtual camera rides and great sound awakens emotion.

Editing & Compositing

With the creation of film material or animations it is not done. Both can be combined if necessary and the film is given its desired look. Motion design means: color grading, keying and rotoscoping, retouching and visible and (better!) „invisible“ effects. Graphic animation and complex HUD designs are also conceived and realized.

Storyboard & Filming

The story is the most important – whether as a real action or around a product. I like to develop them with you and take them into drawn or animated pictures. The creation of Making Off material, documentaries and music videos is a new field in the portfolio. The use of a camera drone is also possible. For large film productions I can forward you to the studios in the neighborhoods.

Staging & Photography

Put it in it’s true light. Whether product or people. On site or in the studio. In front of black, white, gray or greenscreen. Including editing and retouching.

Modelling & 3D Print

Yes, they can also keep the designs in their hands! Products can be printed up to 223 x 223 x 305 mm in one piece and in different materials. And of course, I like to work with file, spatula and varnish. From the first proportional model to the prototype template – everything is possible.

Problem Solving

There is always a solution – in the concept phase helps the acceptance of new viewing angles, in the design phase a high degree of creativity and experience and in the realization phase a large international network. And above all … positive thoughts, patience and endurance!

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